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  What strange-looking animal is this?! Answer at foot of page. Picture courtesy Aurora Levesley & Centre for Bioscience, ImageBank.


Brute Ethics recommends highly these books about animal ethics, animal rights, etc.

In Defense of Animals: the second wave
Peter Singer (ed), 2006.
Inspiring, moving, invigorating. Ideas, problems, activities (legal & illegal) and strategies by philosophers & activists. Also, importantly, the 'Ten Points for Activists' illuminates the way ahead. Should spur you on.
264pp. ISBN: 1405119411.

More:  Amazon US  or  Amazon UK

Animal Ethics
Robert Garner, 2005.
Penetrating analysis of the treatment of animals and the morality of animal rights. Considers the moral status of animals, the animal protection movement, the debate about the treatment of animals, and legal and illegal strategies to further animal rights. Lots to think about.
189 pp. ISBN: 0745630790.

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Ethics Into Action: Henry Spira and the Animal Rights Movement
Peter Singer, 1998.
The auther writes, "More than anyone, he [Spira] has taken my ideas and forged them into a weapon for reducing the pains and suffering that animals must endure. I have written this book to show how he has done it. An account of Henry's life as a campaigner can serve as a handbook for activists..."
236 pp. ISBN: 0522848745.

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Answer: Alpaca (Lama pacos) at Twycross Zoo, Britain. His wool has been shorn.

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