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Animals In Deep Trouble

Animals Asia Foundation
Helping bears and literally millions of dogs and cats horrendously treated in Asia.

Voice 4 Dogs
A good outline of the barbaric trade in dogs and cats for food and fur in China. Read and help.

Korea Animals Protection Society
Literally millions of dogs and cats cruelly treated and eaten in Korea and what you can do to try to end this situation.

Animal Rights (etc) Resources

Animal Liberation Front
Many good ideas for animal activism for individuals and groups.
Animal and welfare info. Part of Cambridge e-Learning Institute with animal welfare and ethics courses.

Animal Rights History
Online library and historical literature archive on animal rights, animal welfare and the protection of animals.

Animal Rights Library
Anthology of seminal animal rights papers.

Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare
A British site which is what its title says.

Dawn Watch
Cracking good US site about animals in the news with a link to the editor for you to dash off your email to make yourself heard.

Ethical Consumer
Human rights, environmental sustainability and animal welfare via information on consumer issues.

Advocates the Three R's, with the long-term goal of eliminating the use of laboratory animals.

Andrew Linzey (2002):
The Ethical Case Against Fur Farming.
Also see Linzey, Andrew.

Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics:
Academics pioneering the animal ethics debate.

Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive
Regan's animal rights site. Also see Regan, Tom.

UK Animal Rescuers
Directory of animal rescue web sites, pets, wildlife, homes wanted, jobs, notices, etc.

Voice for Ethical Research at Oxford
Oxford University members who oppose animal research at the University and aim to further ethical alternatives.

Anti-Animal Rights Web Sites

Information and discussion criticising the animal rights movement.

National Animal Interest Alliance
Supports 'responsible' use of animals and counters animal rights rhetoric.

More Animal Links

Abolitionist Online
Australian web site for animal rights.

Animal Ethics
Philosophical discussion on the moral status of animals.

Animal Ethics Society - Nottingham University
Undergrad group promoting animal ethics.

Animals Voice
US magazine for animals with lots of stuff.

Animal rights web site and magazine.

Campaign Against Canned Hunting
Canned hunts in South Africa.

Chinchilla Chat Line
Promotes and advises on chinchillas.

Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Developing ethical standards in ethology.

Big site with lots of info.

Henry S Salt Society
About Henry Salt.

Of Human and Non-Human Animals
Animal issues, ethics and politics.

Wildlife Awareness
Round up of wildlife news, events, courses and more.

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