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Some good and useful stuff to read relating to the topics in this encyclopedia.

Animal Liberation

Best S & Nocella A J (editors) (2002): Terrorist or Freedom Fighter? Reflections on the liberation of animals. Lantern Books.
About and advocates direct action for animal liberation. 256 pages.

Garner R (2005): Animal Ethics. Polity Press.
An account of animal ethics and the implications for different ethical beliefs affecting animals. 189 pages.

Ryder R D (2001): Painism: a modern morality. London: Centaur.
Ryder explains his philosophy, countering Utilitarianism, based on pain and the individual. 131 pages.

Singer P (1993): Practical Ethics. 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press.
Philosophical bases of the practical ethics of animal liberation and more. 395 pages.

Animal Experimentation

T. Gilland, M. Matfield, T. Regan & R. Ryder (2002): Animal Experimentation: Good Or Bad? Hodder & Stoughton.

Greek, C.R. & Greek J.S. (2002): Specious Science: how genetics and evolution reveal why medical research on animals harms humans. New York: Continuum. The subtitle of this book speaks for itself. In particular see the sections 'Why the Animal Model Fails' and 'Why Animal Experiments Persist'.

Factory Farming

Harrison R (1964): Animal Machines: the new factory farming industry. Vincent Stuart Publishers.
One of the earliest books about factory farming and the welfare of farm animals, in Britain. 186 pages.

Johnsson A (1991): Factory Farming. Basil Blackwell.
Overview of factory farming, welfare and morality. 272 pages.


DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).
Livestock and poultry statistics* for Britain.

Earth Trends. World Resources Institute.
Look for their searchable database on livestock and poultry statistics* from FAO, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation.

National Agricultural Statistics Service. United States Department of Agriculture.
Statistics* about livestock, poultry and agriculture in the United States.

*These statistics do not give total numbers of animals for a whole year but only for animals existing on a single day in the year when they were counted, for example 30 January or 1 July, and are therefore minimum figures.

Mass Extinction

Eldredge N: The Sixth Extinction. Accessed April 2007.

Leakey R & Lewin R (1996): The sixth extinction: biodiversity and its survival. London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson. 271 pages.

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